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Norfolk Airlines. This jet is owned by the people of Norfolk and flies from Sydney and Brisbane. Other airlines also service the Island. jet.jpg (56265 bytes)
This is a view from Mount Pitt showing the airport in the background as well as Philip Island. This little island has been denuded of growth by rabbits which have since been eradicated. mt_pitt1.jpg (66836 bytes)
The road at the front of our cottage. It is a dead end a short distance further on so there is little or no traffic to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. frontyard.jpg (87720 bytes)
The cottage property consists of 3 cottages. The 3 bedroom one we stayed in. 2 semi- detached 2 bedroomers and the Kentia Garden cottage. This is a shot of the rear of the smaller cottages with the Garden Cottage in the background. byard.jpg (98247 bytes)
Another shot of the rear garden from our back verandah. byard2.jpg (82714 bytes)
From our backyard towards the 2x3 bedroom cottages. byard3.jpg (126136 bytes)
Another view of the backyard with Pam having a stroll. byard4.jpg (93377 bytes)
Our little rent-a- car which is included in the tariff. This is the unloading jetty on the North side of the island and is used when a Southerly is blowing. The thing behind the car is an old steam engine used to drive some sort of winch. car.jpg (55209 bytes)
The rear of our cottage. There are very few brick buildings on Norfolk as all materials have to brought in by ship and lightered ashore. Mot of the buildings are weatherboard and fibro with corrugated iron roofs. cottage1.jpg (99474 bytes)
The front of the cottage showing front door and car-port. There is also a garage at the rear of the car-port which I used as a radio shack. cottage2.jpg (79040 bytes)
My radio shack complete with Kenwood TS50S, power supply and a tiny MFJ antenna tuner. Radio conditions here are amazing and require no more than 100 watts. Reception is also excellent with little or no noise. Jim Smith lives just up the road and has a very impressive antenna farm. I enjoyed meeting him while we were there. shack.jpg (64564 bytes)
The famous "Bloody Bridge" where the tyrannical overseer was killed and entombed in the bridge during construction. His blood oozed from the stonework and the crime was discovered to the detriment of the workers (convicts). Most of them welcomed execution as the conditions were appalling. bloody_bridge.jpg (65731 bytes)
The cemetery where convicts and free men were interred. One can spend hours reading the quaint inscriptions on the headstones. The cemetery is still used and is situated just near the golf course at Kingston. cemetery.jpg (91100 bytes)
Another shot of the cemetery, a wonderful final resting place. cemetery2.jpg (97491 bytes)
Norfolk's answer to the Irish 'Cliffs of Mohr'. The whole island is surrounded by these cliffs except for Kingston and Emily Bay, the only swimming beach. cliffs.jpg (67289 bytes)
St Barnabas Church built by the missionaries. A beautiful old English style building also with an old cemetery. church.jpg (72997 bytes)
The Church interior. church2.jpg (75281 bytes)
A view of the golf course with some of the old Administrative buildings at Kingston. golf.jpg (70254 bytes)
Another view of Kingston with the unloading jetty in the background kingston.jpg (49744 bytes)
Lightering supplies ashore. This is well worth watching. There are buses and even a Rolls Royce on the island which have been brought ashore this way by lashing several lighters together. lightering.jpg (66479 bytes)
A very old Moreton Bay fig tree tree.jpg (83541 bytes)
Burnt Pine, the central business district. Duty-free shopping paradise. burntpine2.jpg (47958 bytes)
Burnt Pine shopping center. This and the above photo courtesy of Bill K6KM. burntpine1.jpg (65809 bytes)





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