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Lake applets are fascinating things and add beauty to any web page. There is a bit to learn
to master the art and my samples have quite a way to go before being perfect. However they
do provide you, the viewer, with some pleasant relaxation. More applets can be viewed by
following the Web Ring below which has over 200 web sites.

Flight of the Gull - Album
Please click on any of these photos to see the applet or follow the "next" links which is a bit quicker. The applets take a little while to load even though your browser says "done". Patience is rewarded.

Biglee.jpg (71750 bytes)

Iceberg.jpg (52598 bytes)

Meade.jpg (79938 bytes)

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Smokey Light.jpg (119439 bytes)

Yosemite.jpg (85096 bytes)

sunrise.jpg (37898 bytes)
Award winner.

operahouse.jpg (31230 bytes)

xmas card1.jpg (139049 bytes)

Tortugas-Moat.jpg (42784 bytes)

chihuly2.jpg (45926 bytes)

LakeIdHarriman.jpg (51277 bytes)

Peace.jpg (4900 bytes)

Clark.jpg (47549 bytes)

chihuly3.jpg (20236 bytes)

mountainlake.jpg (21795 bytes)

chihuly4.jpg (16817 bytes)

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My first Award, thanks Annie!

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